Glasses that imitate the vision of a bird or fish

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We know that that birds and fish have eyes on either sides of their head. Theses glasses lets the person experience the vision of a bird or fish. It could be very interesting entertainment. Imagine people must move around in a special room full of soft objects so that they will not harm themselves if they fall down. The people must find their way from this maze and the first one to do this will be the winner. Or maybe they play a game of basketball (or another sport). In the picture (Fig 1) you see the top view of the glasses connected to the mirrors. Each mirror lets the person see what’s on their left and on their right. In the picture (Fig 2) you see the isometric view of glasses/mirrors. In the picture (Fig 3) you see a rectangular box with holes on either side that can have fish-like lenses (or maybe nothing). In the picture (Fig 4) you can see the rectangular box and glasses with mirrors before it was assembled together. In the pictures (Fig 5 and Fig 6) you can see another view of the assembled product. In the pictures (Fig 7 and Fig 8) you see the glasses with wide-angled lenses (“fish eyes”). This is only an example of how these glasses can be constructed. The main idea is that they have at least one mirror which enables the user to see what can happen on their left side of their head or what can happen on the right side of their head.


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