Virtual Tourist Frontpack

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Interactive device with speaker(s), microphone(s), and video-camera(s).
The device can be carried by someone like a frontpack.
The device is able to rotate it's head so that the user can look around and interact with
people by using speakers, video-camera(s) and the microphone.
The device may have a money dispenser so that the user can pay the tour guide for help or for souvenirs.
So the user presses the button and the money goes inside the plastic-glass container which can be opened by people who must receive payment.
For souvenirs the device can have a container in which the seller can put the souvenir.
This container door can be operated by user(open-close).

For example: Someone from the USA goes to the website of Virtual Tourist company and
on the map people can find locations where this company(Virtual Tourist) has tours.
Lets say someone goes to India. He paid for the tour and was connected to the Device.
The company worker in India carries the device to the museum , the bazaars, and walks around with the device so that the user can interact with people, buy souvenirs and so on.
Then the tour is over and the employer in India will take the souvenirs and send it to the desired location.


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